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Monday, May 17, 2004

Math 118

I got home from class a little while ago, and I hope it doesn't sound too insane, but I had so much fun! I really love my teacher (Deb)... she is very cool. I decided not to pick up my Algebra book before the class. I wanted to wait until I knew what book the teacher wanted us to use. I was glad I waited, because I definitely would have picked up the wrong book... Most of the people in the class that got their book ahead of time didn't get the right one. Anyway, once we were shown the correct book to buy, we were allowed to go down to the store and pick one up before we started our first class. The air conditioner was broken in our classroom, so I thought I was going to hate my first night... It was so hot in that room!!! But we were told we could move our class down to the Study Lab, and we did. We did alot of work tonight! Deb said she moves fast, and boy, she wasn't kidding! I guess we kind of have to, being that it's only a 7 week course! By the time everyone had gotten back to the room from getting their books, and we moved down to the Study Lab, we only had about 2 hours left (out of a 3 hour night), and we blew right through that book. I have about 8 pages in my notebook, just full of all the algebra equations we did in class tonight... Not to mention the 5 workbook pages of homework... That's alot of math for one night!! :) I can't imagine how much more work we're going to do when we have the full 3 hours! Like I said at the top, I may sound like a complete dork, but I think it's fun!

On the way home, I stopped for a sandwich and did my homework at the restaurant. It's good to get it out of the way. I might do that every week, just so the everything is still fresh in my head, and there are no kids vying for my attention while I'm trying to do my work!



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