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Wednesday, May 5, 2004

Just thinking of stuff I didn't add before... Friday when I was upstairs washing some dishes, Abby and Georgie came up with a new game... Indians. Abby "decorates" herself and Georgie with markers, drawing tribal lines and shapes all over their bodies... When I came downstairs, much to my surprise, Georgie's hair was completely green, he had blue lines all over his face. Abby had colored all of her fingers, both legs and her face. It was cute, but a big mess... the floor was the hardest to clean.

Saturday we went to Sean's First Holy Communion... well, we missed the church ceremony due to a migraine (mine), but afterwards we met the family at Villa Barone for dinner. Good food! Abby had a great time with her cousins as usual. Georgie had his first taste of real Italian food, fresh mozzarella cheese, great homemade bread, still hot from the oven, and of course, pasta. I think he may have even eaten olives. He loved it! His stomach was so full, it was actually rock solid to the touch. After gorging ourselves at the restaurant, we all went back to Denise's for dessert, as if we didn't have enough food at dinner! Abby met Annie and Sean's new hamster. The hamster's name is Kiki, though Abby insists on calling her "Pinky..." They still have their first hamster, Buffy, too. If you can imagine, Abby was in her glory! Two hamsters! She wants her own now, but I keep telling her we can visit Annie and Sean's any time she wants!

She put on a "Hat Show" with Sean and Alyssa towards the end of the night, where the three of them would try on different hats they found around the house, and then come outside and model them for everyone! The funny part is that Abby, the usually shy and reserved little girl, was walking down the back steps and through the yard like it was a runway, and she was a very confident, assured model! She kept walking up to Al and telling him, "Look at me, Pop-Pop! I'm Beautiful!" She has continued the 'show' at home, where she has managed to pull out (and try on) every hat, scarf, glove, and mitten, along with all my jewelry and makeup... We turned the hallway into a runway, and she models for me and Georgie!

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