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Saturday, May 15, 2004

I see dead people.

I went to the movies with Mom tonight. We saw Godsend The movie was really good, but the couple behind us made the movie even better (funny, even). At every semi-scary or intense scene, they would both jump and scream which, of course, made everyone in the theater jump and scream. They kept scaring us more than the actual movie! I still have yet to understand the ending. It's probably one of those movies you have to see again and again to get more out of it. Anyway, after the movie, I introduced my mom to the wonderful world of sushi. It was her first real time with the whole experience. I think she liked it OK, maybe not. I could tell she was definately turned off by some things on the menu, and I know she was worried about a few things that we ordered, but she was not squeamish by any means when it came to trying things. She tasted just about everything on the plate, and hardly made any faces. I don't think anyone can love sushi as much as I do, with the exception of maybe George. The restaurant we go to is phenominal!! The entire place is immaculate, the food is so fresh, and the people are so hospitable.

Well, I am fresh out of things to write about... too tired!!



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