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Wednesday, May 5, 2004

General update :)

Well, I haven't been writing in this thing for quite some time, to say the least.... I haven't had a computer for a while... my desktop was all messed up and out of service. I was using George's laptop for a bit, and then he surprised me with a laptop of my own! It has taken me quite some time to get this new computer set up to my liking and personalized! It's getting there, but my old desktop is holding my old files for ransom! Waiting patiently to find some way of retrieving them! Anyway, I love my laptop.. so much better than the dinosaur I was using before! Georgie is getting so big! Within the last 2 months, he has been crawling like crazy (so fast!) and walking along the furniture, getting into everything!!! He's broken many things. He can hardly sit still for 2 seconds, which is the total opposite of how Abby was... she was so quiet! I hardly had to worry about baby-proofing with her! She's still that way!
This week has been the big Potty-training week for her! She is doing really well. She slept 2 nights without a diaper or Pull-up, just underwear... and woke up dry! She runs to the potty first thing after she wakes up, and pees! She has been going for 3 days with just underwear on when she plays! So far she is "accident free" for 2 days (with the exception of going #2, which I know will take some time to master!) She is so funny! She has been watching "Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmaron" which is a movie about a horse, and has become horse obssessed! She has a toy horse she likes to ride, but recently I guess she wanted something a little more "live" than the stuffed horse... so she decided to ride Georgie!! The poor kid... I heard him crying downstairs, a very jolted cry, and when I went down to see what was happening, he was on all fours with Abby straddled on his back, jumping up and down, yelling "giddee-up Georgie!"
Georgie is on most solid foods now, his favorite being sliced bananas! Between him and Abby, we can't keep a bunch of bananas in the house for more than a day!
Other than that, I can't think of anything else (atleast for the moment). I'll get back here tonight and try to give a more interesting update!!

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