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Thursday, May 6, 2004

Potty talk, baseball games, and hitting the books.

Georgie is still sick today. Only symptoms are still just a fever and very cranky! Abby is still making progress on the potty! She woke up dry again this morning, and has been using the potty all day so far. George just called, and apparently he was offered tickets to go to the baseball game today. Conveniently, he called me to tell me this five minutes before he was leaving work to go to the game. I don't know why he's still going to be late, if the game is an early afternoon game. He should still get home at normal time, wouldn't you think? God forbid we ever go anywhere together. He always has plans that coincidentally don't include me. Guys night out, work related "meetings"... blah, blah, blah... It might also help if we could ever get a babysitter. We can never seem to get one over here to watch the kids for the night so we can go out. I'm in the process of trying to find a teenager in the neighborhood so that I always have one on hand. It would be good to have one around for the summer too, so if I need help during the day, she (or he, I shouldn't be sexist) could always pop over for a few hours and help me out. There's a girl down the street, she's about 16 or so. I think she is Bill English's granddaughter (Dot's neighbor). So, anyway, I guess it's not really G's fault that we always have to go out separately. But, anyway... I'm trying to get alot done around here today, and I'll be so happy when it's done! The hard work always pays off in the end, when you can go to bed knowing how much you've done, and then wake up to a clean house!

I tried calling the counselor today for school, and they won't give you your admissions test results over the phone. I'm going to try to go tomorrow night (I have to be there before 6:30) and then I can get my class scheduled and underway! I'm looking forward to going back to school. It's going to be a little weird to sit back in a classroom again, I think. I felt like a teenager again while I was taking the ad. test last week. The pressure to do well came flooding right back, like I had never left a desk! I changed my mind after talking to Mom about taking English over the summer. She's probably right that English is alot of homework and essays to worry about, especially if I'm going on vacations. Math would probably be a better choice. I can always get the assignments ahead and do them while I'm away.

It's a beautiful day today! It's about 74 ° and so sunny. Not a cloud in the sky. A good day for a baseball game... a shame I'm not going...

Naptime for Georgie is over before it ever started... he refuses to go to sleep! Gotta run for now. Be back tonight...

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