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Thursday, May 13, 2004

This week.

Mother's Day was very nice. I spent the morning just hanging out with Abby and Georgie, and then later in the day my mom and dad, and George's mom and dad came over for a barbecue. George made lobster and lamb chops. It was such a beautiful, beautiful day to be outside. Dottie and I wound up polishing off a "few" bottles of wine, and a couple martinis for our finale, and, to say the least, did not enjoy our Monday morning after. But, all in all, it was a great day!

To my throbbing head's surprise, Denise called around 11 the next morning, asking if Abby, Georgie and I would like to join her and Annie for lunch at the diner. I picked Dottie up at 1 o'clock, and off we went to lunch. It was so much fun to all get together in the afternoon, and we hope to try to make a habit of doing it more often. I know Abby loves spending time with Annie! When we got home on Monday, we never made it in the door. It was such a gorgeous day, Abby and I decided to hang out front. We pulled her baby pool out of the garage, and tried on her bathing suit from last year... the pool and bathing suit proved to be too small, but Abby didn't seem to mind it just for the day. Sydnee and Nick took their pool out, which is much bigger, and Abby, and even Georgie enjoyed swimming in it too!

Tuesday morning, I knew Kelly and James were coming over, so I headed out early to run a few errands. I made a deal with Abby the night before to give up her binkies and bottles for good, but as a reward for doing so, I would buy her two new bathing suits and a big pool just like Sydnee and Nick's. She agreed after some discussion, and so we headed out first thing in the morning. She decided on two bathing suits she liked, and picked the pool. We grabbed a suit for Georgie and headed home.

Kelly and James showed up a few minutes after we pulled up, and the kids played outside almost the entire day. We inflated Abby's pool and even Georgie took a dip. He "swam" around in his infant tube for a while, and couldn't be happier.

Yesterday, the kids stayed out all day, yet again... I got a lot of yard work done (finally). I spent the day pulling weeds, digging out and transplanting bushes, shrubs and flowers. It looks 110% better, and now all I have left to do is turn the soil and plant grass seed in some areas.

I got a letter in the mail yesterday about my placement test. My placement was for English 101 and Math 118. So I signed up for the math, which is basically an Algebra-II class... I'm happy I can skip Algebra-I. I start class on Monday! I can't believe how excited I am to be starting school again!

Today was the same as all the other days this week: swimming, running, playing and gardening!

Sorry this is very choppy, but I'm typing this very quickly. I have alot to get finished tonight since we haven't been in the house all week!

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