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Sunday, May 16, 2004

Back to school.

I start my first day of classes tomorrow night! I'm very excited, a little curious, and just slightly nervous to see what my instructor is like. According to the schedule, she's a woman. I haven't bought my algebra book for class yet, so I might try to head to the school a little early tomorrow and browse around the store before class.

I got a lot more work done in the yard today.

George went to the Preakness yesterday with Al. Smarty Jones won! Woo-hoo! They had great seats, about the best seats in the house. Something like $250 tickets right behind the finish. I think George took a video on his digital camera of the end of the race, right when Smarty pulls in front, and wins by maybe a bazillion lengths.

That's about it...

I ♥ George

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