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Friday, May 7, 2004

A holy mess.

It's almost Saturday... Thank God, because that means George will be home all day tomorrow, and it also means today is just about over... it was a horrible day! It started out with Abby waking up with a fever, and she was so cranky (justifiably!). Georgie is still very grouchy and clingy, so he cried pretty much all day if I wasn't holding him, which made Abby upset because she wanted the extra attention today, being sick as sick as she was.

I was trying to put a load of wash in this morning, when I heard Abby calling for me and screaming the at baby at the same time. When I came out of the laundry room to see what was going on, I saw Georgie sitting in a puddle, splashing around and laughing. He was soaked. When I asked Abby why the floor was wet, she said, "Della peed." Sure enough, with just a sniff, I fully confirmed Abby's accusations: dog pee. So, I threw Georgie in the tub, scrubbed him with globs of antibacterial soap and brushed his teeth, just in case. Once he was sanitized and dressed, I put Della in the garage and mopped up her mess on the family room floor.

Within minutes of completing this task, Abby stated that she was hungry. I went upstairs, poured her a bowl of cereal, and as I was pulling the milk out, I noticed the food in the fridge was all very warm... After messing around with the temperature controls for a while, I came to the conclusion that the refrigerator was definitely broken, and everything in it was for the garbage. I just went food shopping yesterday. I rummaged through the garage until I found the contractor garbage bags, walked back into the kitchen, and I filled the bags with my rotten groceries.

The next catastrophe came about an hour later when Abby was using the potty, which she is doing very well with, I might add. Anyway, I was parked on the bathroom floor, waiting for her to do her business, and she suddenly got very quiet and turned a palish-green. Before I got the chance to ask her if she was OK, she proceeded to projectile vomit all over me and the entire bathroom. I pulled her off the toilet, stripped her down, washed her up, and got her into a change of clothes. I set her up on the couch, with blankets, pillows, a movie, a bucket, and some more Tylenol for her fever. She wound up falling asleep for about an hour, which gave me just enough time to clean the bathroom, get a shower, and wash the clothes I was wearing and the towels I used to clean up Abby and the bathroom. I thought my luck just had to turn around at this point, but the wood I knocked on must have been Formica after all. I don't know what inspired me, but I decided that while I had the mop out, I would clean all the floors downstairs. While doing this, I heard the washer start to spin and empty. As I was continuing to mop I noticed the washer sounds were much, much louder than usual, so I ran to the laundry room to find that the entire washer had emptied onto the floor. Apparently the rag I had been using to clean some of the kids toys a few minutes back had fallen into the wash tub, clogging the drain. Thus all of the water had flowed over to the floor! At this point, my third set of clothes for the day were soaked, and I was beyond the point of breaking. I sunk to the floor and began to cry.

I don't even know where to begin, or more important, when this ends.

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