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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Later Thursday night...

George is out for the night... the kids are both asleep! I'm alone at last!! It's been too long since my last moment of peace. It's funny. I pine for silence, then when I'm alone for a while, I start to go crazy! I begin to miss the chaos that is my life. I'm taking advantage of it tonight, though. I'll have enough mayhem in the morning! Especially being that the kids are both sick!

I'm looking online for some vacation spots. This summer G and I plan to take a trip with the kids (just the 4 of us, for once)! It'll be the first time that we don't share a vacation with someone else. I'm really looking forward to it! It's important for us to do "family" things where it's just us sometimes! This year it definately has to be somewhere we can drive to... I miss road trips! So far I've only gotten as far as to look at Boston, and it looks like fun. I've seen many pictures of the city and it looks gorgeous... such a beautiful place. I'm just trying to make sure there's enough to do with the kids. We shall see!

Tomorrow looks like decent weather (yea!)... still a little chilly, but nowhere near what it's been...the news says it should be around 49 and a little cloudy. Not as nice as today, but still looks as though I can take the kids for another walk. I hope so... They both love to be outside, and the fresh air is always good when you're sick. Refreshes the lungs.. lol It's good for me too... trying to lose some baby weight (8 months later!) and the walking always works for me! Thank god the bitter cold is behind us (for now anyway).



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