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Tuesday, March 2, 2004

Abby's birthday.

Abby's 3 today!! At first she did not want to turn 3. In fact, for weeks, she's protested that she was staying 2 forever! But last night she went to bed psyched that it was her birthday the next morning... and she would, in fact, be another year older! She woke up very excited, and anxious for the day to begin... and to pass time in the morning, Abby helped me hang a 'Princess Party' banner with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Ariel, Jasmine, and Belle on it. She especially loves Cinderella, as I think all little girls do. We got dressed and packed our backpacks with all of the very important things that we can absolutely not leave the house without, and headed out the door, lolipops in hand. Abby enjoyed her cherry-flavored taffy, and I had watermelon! Yum! We picked up grandma at her house, and off we went to the Discovery Museum.

When we got to the museum, the first thing we saw were computers... they were there to write your own news article about your day at the museum! It's an adlib type of project... they have most of the story filled out except for a few key words that you fill in however you like! Here's how Abby's read (the underlined words are the ones she chose and filled in):

A Visit to the Museum
By Abby

After visiting the museum 1 time, this reporter has the full scoop on what it is like at the Garden State Discovery Museum. The first time I walked in the Museum's door I felt really silly.

Of all the activities the Museum had to offer, I liked having a party the best. It is something that 3-year-olds really like to do. There are even things to keep adults busy at the Museum. They especially like to play with Abby when they visit.

Even though I liked visiting very much, nothing is perfect. While the Museum has almost everything you can imagine, this reporter hopes they will add a dinosaur real soon.

Visiting the Museum is really a memorable experience. Personally, I will never forget when it's my birthday. I even got to see something I never saw before... an American Flag Cow!

After we wrote the article, we went into the first room of the museum, where they had a huge boat set up, with fishing poles to catch the "fish" in the "water" below! Abby loved walking up the long ramp, to the top of the boat... she caught many fish! We then played some games (grandma enjoyed these more than anyone, I think...lol)! Bean bag toss, tic tac toe with wiffle balls, etc... The next room had snakes, frogs, turtles, and weird bugs... it was pretty neat. From there, we walked further into the museum, where Abby "fueled" up and old Volkswagen, and then "drove off" into the sunset, with her grandma in the passenger seat! After driving around, Abby ran her own Pet Grooming Service, Veterinarian's Office (she looked so cute in her doctors coat and stethoscope), then she dressed in costumes and performed live on stage, she ran a diner... taking food orders for me and mom, after all this she still ran the checkout of the produce department... ringing up people's fruits and veggies... she baked bread, worked on a construction site, slid down a giant slide... and the list just goes on and on... Even Georgie got to play! They had an infant playground set up where he could crawl around safely and play with all kinds of cool toys! I could write all day about what we did, because that's how busy we were today. My little girl. So big. Out of all the little girls in the whole world, how did I get so lucky? God gave me the best one. I love you Abby! Happy Birthday!

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