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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

How does one obtain superpowers?

Just another manic Tuesday! I've been slacking off on the domestic front (again) and I really shouldn't be wasting time on the computer. Tomorrow's another day, I suppose. When I become Superwoman, I sure hope that someone remembers to tell me! If I could get everything done all at once, I'd have it made for sure! I'm beyond exausted... and nothing's done around here to justify it. What is one to do? What kind of connections do I need to get those superpowers I've read so much about? Granted, it's mostly written about in fiction, but, hey... it could happen!

George had off from work yesterday (President's Day). Most holidays are considered 'Hallmark Holidays' like Valentine's Day, Mothers and Fathers days, etc... some are strictly set aside for cookouts/barbecues... 4th of July, Memorial and Labor days... but really, I think the main purpose for President's day is for major sales at auto dealerships and furniture stores! No one even seems to know it's a holiday except that we have off from work. I've never heard anyone wish a friend a 'happy president's day!' I dunno. It's a good excuse to sleep in on a Monday, atleast! Anyway, speaking of Hallmark holidays: it was Valentine's day this Saturday. Jayson came over to be Abby's date. Sarah and Alyssa were here as well, so George and I haven't really had a chance to celebrate alone yet, but we had fun anyway. Monday George, Abby, Georgie and I went down to South St and had dinner at one of my favorite spots (Pietros)...

I'm writing this on George's laptop, since my computer is out-of-service! Don't know exactly what the problem is, but then again I haven't worked very hard to figure it out!! I'm working on George to get me my very own laptop for my birthday. I figure 3 months is plenty of time to put the bug in his ear! (hint, hint George, if you're reading this!!)



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