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Sunday, May 30, 2004

At the marina

abby & george at the marina! Posted by Hello

We took the boat to the shore this weekend. We had fairly nice weather, and Abby had a great time on the ride! Annie and Sean came for the ride on the boat too, so Abby was overly excited, to say the least! I wasn't sure how Georgie would be for the length of the boat trip, so he and I stayed home, and I drove the car down later in the day on Saturday. First thing Sunday morning, we broke out Abby's swimmies and floatie, and headed for the pool. Annie and Sean were Abby's tugboats, as she had them pull her all over the pool! We threw a ball around for a while, and then Georgie took a dip. He sat in his floatie, and after the initial shock of the cold water, had a blast!

The whole weekend was an adventure, being this was the first that Abby spent any time away from home since being potty trained. She did really well! I'm so proud of her! She even did her first poopy on the potty this weekend at the boat! (sorry Abby, I have to document this for all the world to see...)

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