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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

This is...

...my very first entry in my new blog! I still have my journal on blurty.com, but I plan on moving those entries to this site eventually. Probably when we get back from vacation! The kids are doing great. Georgie is still not walking... sort of. He can walk, and has in the past, but after a few bad falls, he decided that crawling is still the safest mode of transportation! Oh well, he will do it in good time. He's so funny! His personality is definitely coming through more and more every day. Abby and I worked very hard to scrub her little house clean, and get it set up on the yard for her! She and Georgie played in it all day Sunday. Nick came over for a while on Sunday afternoon, and played in the yard with us. Abby was in the tub later that night, around 7, and Nick came back over, and informed us that he was going mini-golfing with his mom and dad... and he said Abby was coming with him. I asked Abby if she wanted to go, and she jumped out of the tub, and into her clothes, as fast as she could! She was sooo excited! They left to go golfing... I put the baby to bed and George and I watched Six Feet Under... by the time the show was about half-way over, Abby was home. She was so excited to tell me everything about golfing and playing skee-ball! She had a strawberry shake, that she was more than willing to share with George and me. Apparently, she only played 9 holes at the golf course, and whenever she would swing the club, she would hit herself in the chin! :) Gerri said she did pretty well, for her first time, though.

She had a very busy weekend... on top of playing in the yard on Sunday and golfing that night, she had James' birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese's on Saturday. She had a great time there!

Chuck E. Cheese! Posted by Hello

She played alot of games, and went on the "rides." (She played alot of skee-ball at Chuck E's and with Nick Sunday at Nifty Fifties.) James seemed to have a good time too, at his party!

abby and the birthday boy! Posted by Hello

When we got home from party on Saturday, George wanted to get some yardwork done, so I put Abby and Georgie in the wagon, and pulled them to the playground. What a trip! It's uphill bothways! Very steeply uphill, I might add... You go down a big hill, and then as soon as you get to the bottom, you go right back up again, and on the way home it's the same: down the hill, then back up and up and up again to get home...

We are getting ready to start our late summer trips soon. Our first one is this weekend coming up, to the shore with Jay and Lisa and the kids. It should be alot of fun! It'll be Georgie's first time on the beach... (with the exception of last year.. when he was a newborn)! I hope he likes it! Abby is psyched! She can't wait!

Poor Georgie... he has been so beat up lately! He had a horrible diaper rash that would not budge. He split his chin open when he was trying to walk across the room, but instead fell into the side of the toybox. He got so bit up by mosquitos, that his legs and face were so swollen and irritated... some of the bites got infected. He has so many bruises from falling. He has multiple teeth breaking through, so his mouth hurts all the time. Nothing stops his appetite, though! He is such a good eater! He loves everything you put in front of him! We call him "chicken-little" though! He's afraid of everything... toys that make noise, stuffed animals, he's afraid to stand up... hehe! He's so cute!

Abby is determined to make him walk! She grabs him by the arms and drags him around the room, yelling, "Stand up, Baby G! I am going to teach you how to walk right now!!" He finally gives into her, stands up and takes a couple steps... and then as soon as she lets go of his hands to clap for him, he sits down and crawls away as fast as he can! They play really well together. They miss each other terribly when one is away from the other too long.

Abby got a book in the mail from my grandmom the other day! She ran all over the house with the envelope, screaming, "I got mail!! I got mail!!" I finally caught up with her, and asked if she wanted to open it, and of course, she did! It's a cute little book, called "All Things Bright and Beautiful." It's about everything God created.

While we were playing in the yard Sunday, we found a grasshopper... he was missing a leg,and wasn't doing very well. We put him on a leaf, and placed him in the shade to keep him comfortable. Abby would walk him around the yard occasionally, showing him the sites, every now and then... when she was done walking him, she would put him back in her little house. At the end of the day, I was putting things away, and I found the poor little guy, squished. We think it was either Nick or George that carelessly assaulted him. Abby came up behind me, before I could hide him, and asked what happened to the grasshopper? I had no choice but to tell her the truth... so I told he that he was really, really hurt, and really sick. I asked her what we should do, and she told me that she wanted him to go to Heaven, where he wouldn't be sick anymore. She then proceeded to pray to God, and call to him to come and take her friend to Heaven where he would be happy and safe. We closed our eyes, and counted to five, and when we opened them again, the grasshopper was gone, and Abby was so happy, she kept thanking God for her friend grasshopper, thanking him for taking her grasshopper to heaven, and thanking him for her family and friends... She's too sweet! She's going to marry my grandmom when she gets big, she said!

I signed up for my fall classes last month... English and Sociology... Woohoo! I start in one month! It's still just two nights a week. Tuesday is for English, and Wednesday is Sociology (I think... but, it may be the other way around. I have to check on that). The classes are three hours long. Three hours of writing English essays... ugh! I hope (but I know I'm wrong) that there is not an overload of homework! What do you think? Highly unlikely, right?

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