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Sunday, September 19, 2004

She Wee Hello.

Abby and I are listening to her new favorite song: She Will Be Loved, by Maroon 5. I didn't even know she knew this song until we were driving home from the store tonight and it started playing on the radio. Low and behold, she started to sing along. I love her interpretations of the lyrics! She thinks Adam is singing "she wee hello!" when the words are actually "she will be loved!" Hehe! She's cute!

I'm researching online where to find some tapes my grandmom used to have for me when I was a kid that I think Abby would really like. I found out that they are all out of print, but I can buy them through an out-of-print Christian record company. The tapes are full of really cute stories for kids to teach them about God. I'll check with my grandmom first to see if she happens to still have them. I'd love it if she did, but if not I'll have to pay $20 for a cassette!! lol

I'm just about finished my essay for English class on Tuesday. Hooray! Tomorrow night I have Sociology class so I guess I should get my assigned reading done!

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