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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Do you hear that? Me neither!

I'm not really here to blog about anything special. I'm actually taking a few seconds out of my evening to brag to you about how quiet my house is tonight. There are no TVs blaring, no children screaming, and there is no husband snoring/humming in his sleep! It's so serene that I almost can't stand the stillness of it all, but do you know what? I'm going to let my mind tussle with the silence, and do something that's usually a foreign concept. Let's see. I could read an entire chapter (possibly two) of my new book without repeating any of the same sentences over and over, and actually process the words I have read. I could even watch a movie straight through, in the actual amount of time in which it was meant to be watched, having full control over the remote for the entire show. A hot soak in the tub would be paradisaical, since tonight I can guarantee that no one will be screaming and banging for me from the other side of the door, and I might actually have enough time to shave, get this, both legs.

What would you do? I can tell you one thing. You would NOT still be sitting here on this computer, wasting the precious solitude of this quiescent house. So I say to you, "Goodnight!"



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