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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Merry Christmas, mischief makers.

I used up an entire day's worth of sunlight last week climbing ladders, banging nails and cursing out tangled strings of icicle lights. But, when the last of the lights were hung, I was quite proud to show off my work, even to passing strangers. After all, it was my first time hanging Christmas lights outside, and I think I did a rather fine job. In addition to the lights on the house, I also bought and assembled a 3-foot Animated Skiing Polar Bear. Every night the kids and I would get a kick out of him "cross country skiing" on the front lawn. Apparantly some other hooligans got a kick out of him too - when they kicked him apart all over my yard. He was in quite a few dented up pieces this morning and his lights were not in working order, but with the help of my FIL, he is, again, standing proud - even if he is still a bit lop-sided. This is just the thing to get me in the Christmas spirit. Just. The. Thing.



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