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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

This is the chaos that laziness will evoke.

It was Abby's first day back to school from her winter break, and I could hardly pull my feckless body out of bed. Well, technically, it was the couch, because that's where I fell asleep last night, but I guess that's not really that important, now is it? Getting ready, it seemed like months since we had run through this fevered early morning routine, but veritably it had been only two weeks. As I draggled through the house, I realized that my impassive efforts were not getting us to school on time. I still had to pack a lunch, find appropriate clothing for the chilly forecast, dress myself and Abby in these clothes, and then aimlessly try to remember where I had stashed Abby's lunchbox and backpack sometime before Christmas came and disorganized me. And I had all of six minutes to get us into the car if we were going to make it on time. I kept thinking that I was forgetting an important part of our usual morning routine, but I couldn't get my finger on what it could be. OH MY GOD! BREAKFAST!!! #@&%! Well, after that realization, I felt defeated. I contemplated skipping the day altogether, and instead spend it huddled in my bed, but the glower I received from my kindergartner, who has been athirst for days to see her school friends again, sent me right back into my steeplechase of getting to school before the bells clamored in disapproval of my do-nothingness. Needless to say, after a shot of caffeine and epinephrine, we made it to school. And, somehow, on time.

My point of this seemingly pointless rambling? I have a new resolution - plug in and dust off my alarm clock. I might even try using it every once in a while. I think I'm back to bed, or I guess technically the couch. This morning was way more excitement than I can handle in just one day.



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