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Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I am moving on to the fun stages of pregnancy!! No more feeling sick, and I'm getting my energy back! More cravings too. Along with the old cravings, I am also having yearnings for: sushi, belgian fries, pizza from Pietro's & jello. It shouldn't be long now before I feel the baby move. Since I am feeling better I am getting really excited about having another baby.

George and I are getting the house ready to sell. We looked at a house this weekend, but we more than likely won't be buying it. A few reasons contribute:
1. we were hoping to sell this house before we even started to look for a new one.
2. I would love to move out of the city
3. George and I weren't sure about the neighborhood.

When we buy our new house, I want it to be the same house my children come home from college to visit me in. I can't see myself over in this area for that long. We saw a few houses near my mom for very decent prices. I would love to move back closer to "home." The taxes are a little higher, but it all evens out when we wouldn't have to pay for Catholic school over there. I have a lot of ideas about what I want in the new house. George has set his standards too, so together we will not compromise on what we both want. Until next time...

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