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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Love Thursday

It was five years ago today that George and I traveled to Maryland, early on a Friday morning, to get married. After getting engaged on Christmas Eve, the year before, we decided on this date, and a little chapel in Maryland to marry. We were joined by our parents and 9 month old Abby. The chapel was decorated for Christmas, and I remember being a nervously optimistic bride. It was a small, but beautiful ceremony (lasting only 15 minutes), during which we tried sitting Abby with her grandparents in front of the altar. But she cried, and squirmed, and put her hands to us pleadingly. Abby got her way as George held her through the entire ceremony. She became a part of our vows and a symbolic gesture as to the future of our growing family.

After lunch with our parents, we spent the rest of the weekend alone, a little further south in Annapolis. For our honeymoon, we shopped for Christmas gifts, admired the beautiful boats all decked-out with their Christmas lights, and were treated to a memorable reception, on the night of our wedding, at a little local bar full of strangers, who bought us drinks and toasted our new life together.

After everything George and I have been through and accomplished together, sometimes it seems as if we've known each other for more than a lifetime, although we met only a little over eight years ago. Through every up and down, and all the crazy loops, we have learned and grown. We understand, more than ever, what our love is and how to keep it growing. Happy anniversary to us!

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