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Friday, April 28, 2006

Resolution Number Two

Walking to school on clear days is my second spring resolution. For starters, not only would it help get me back into shape, but walking my daughter the six blocks to school really entails less aggravation than driving. Sure, walking takes a little longer, but it rescues me from the neverending in-and-out of the car, running around from door to door buckling and unbuckling three carseats. Over. And over. Again. And by the time I actually find the clearance to back my car out of the parking lot, with all of the other cars coming and going to pick up and drop off their kids, and the hundreds of feral jackanapes that are racing and playing tag behind the bumpers, I could have already walked two - maybe three - of the six blocks. So there. Resolution number two has been made, and publicly announced.

Here's hoping for many rainy days over the next month.



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