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Monday, March 27, 2006

"Good Grief." There's An Oxymoron If I've Ever Heard One.

Okay, so I thought long and hard and decided that honesty was probably the best policy. As much as it broke my heart to break hers, I told Abby the truth about Strawberry. She cried harder than I expected. She will "be sad forever," she said. After all, that guinea pig was her pet - no one else's - and no one loved her like Abby did. She was the one who would always feed her and play with her, and make plans to take her to school for show-and-tell, and enter her into the "Guinea Pig Show." But instead of planning a 'guinea pig circus' like she was last week, today she is changing all of the happy faces to sad on all of the old pictures she drew of her and Strawberry together, and is deciding on what to say at her 'memorial' tonight.

She is trying to be brave and continue on with her day as best as her sorrow will allow, but every now and then, out of nowhere, she stops whatever she is doing and begins to sob quietly to herself. Georgie has been truly empathetic, bringing her tissues, hugs, and words of comfort as she cries. But I know that, no matter how much solace she decides to accept, inside her little heart she will always ache for her first, and cherished little critter.

Goodbye, Strawberry. You certainly were a cute little thing.

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