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Saturday, September 18, 2004

Georgie's big mess.

I rented '13 Going On 30' from On Demand, and now I'm just hanging out with Me, Myself and I! Georgie went to bed at 7 and Abby is asleep in my bed, so it's turned out to be a quiet evening. A well deserved quiet evening, it was a busy day and I was here to deal with the kids alone. George is in State College this weekend for a football game. (It was pouring there this morning, but by game time, the weather cleared up, and Penn State won 37-13.)

Anyway, back to explaining why I deserve a little peace. Georgie gave me quite a scare today. I was in the kitchen, cleaning up from dinner, and I heard him start to cry. I was about halfway down the stairs when I noticed that his whole face and shirt, his hands and his arms were covered with what looked like blood, and he was screaming. As I got closer, I could see the blood running out of his nose and mouth, and in front of him was a a very large reddish-brown puddle on the rug. I started to panic, and asked Abby if she knew what happened.
"Did he fall?" I asked her with a sense of urgency.
"I don't know," was her only reply.
Just as I was about to pick up the phone to call someone, ANYone, I noticed something in Georgie's mouth. I gave him a quick sweep with my finger, and pulled out a small wad of paper. I looked closely at the soggy little ball and realized it was...

A crayon wrapper.

It turns out that the originator of this whole disaster was a chewed up, slobbery melted crayon. What I thought was a massive amount of blood was really only a melted burnt-orange blob of wax mixed with tears, snot and saliva. It took me a good half-hour to clean Georgie and another hour to remove the mess that had deeply imbedded itself into the rug downstairs. Such is the life of a mom. Things always seems to get especially crazy when George is away.

I've got to keep working on my homework, so I'll add more later. Plus, Owl, Zebra and Monkey are sleeping over tonight, so Abby asked me to make popcorn for her slumber party friends.

These pictures are after I cleaned his face up a bit! Posted by Hello

I guess I should have looked at his teeth before I panicked!  Posted by Hello

Talk about "wax teeth!"
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