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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Oh, my aching back!

I threw my back out today, and I have no idea how. I woke up this morning, and was going about my normal day, when all of a sudden, I was paralyzed from the midwaist down, with the exception of excruciating pain in my lower back. I can't lift anything, can't bend, can't sit, stand or lie down. So basically, I'm effed. A hot bath and a heating pad, along with a mild sedative has been taking the edge off so far. We shall see how everything feels tomorrow. It's tough because I can't pick up the kids without really hurting myself again, but I can get by picking Georgie up minimally, and Abby is OK doing alot by herself. My knee has been pretty bad too, which I have to see a doctor about. So anyway, between my back and my knee, which is now starting to drive pain into my hip, because I changed the way I walk to keep my knee from falling off, I am hurting! But, other than that, things are peachy.

Oh, yeah, the wedding, the wedding... It was very nice, as far as weddings go. The ceremony and reception were both held at the BS country club. The ceremony was outside, in a gazebo, and it was a very quick one, only lasting about 10 minutes at the most. Sarah sang throughout the entire thing... she did beautifully. Afterwards, golf carts came around and carried us over to the reception hall. Abby, Sean and I rode over in a cart, while George stood on the back. Abby had a great time at the reception! She danced, and danced, and danced the night away!! She was so cute bouncing with her curls, and spinning in her long white summer dress!! She stopped just long enough to scarf down some bread, but then went right back to dancing! I guess I dropped her off at home around 9:30 or so, and then I headed back to the party. The reception was over around 11, and a bunch of us went back to the hotel where Kristen and Brian, and a few other people were staying, and continued to party. George and I, at the very last minute (12:30 a.m.), decided to get a room also, instead of attempt the drive home. The hotel people totally ripped us off!! Robbed us of $150 for one crappy room, for only a few hours. Grr! But, oh man! I woke up in that hotel room the next morning, and *crap!* I wished I was in my own bed, in my own room! I wasn't "hungover" hungover! Not in my usual way, anyway (which usually consists of a massive migraine). I was just very "stomach ill." But it was check-out time, and the maid was only two doors away from cleaning our room, so George (being the very nice husband he is) pulled the car around the the front of the hotel lobby, and came back to the room to get me. He very gingerly escorted me to the car... and took me home-sweet-home! I slept for half the day (in my bed! Yea!), and woke up refreshed... feeling like a new woman! Oh geez, it's late! I should go to bed!



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